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Saturday 9 August 2008

Tilbury Radar Tower

Thanks to Julieanne Savage for posting on Geograph and Flickr this striking image of a radar tower disguised as a water tower. That's a first. Water towers are often disguised as other things but this is the first structure we've heard of impersonating one.

Julieanne openly admits she supports trespassing on
military ranges. Hmm, BWTAS can't condone that but sometimes that kind of civil disobedience has turned up information in the public interest to know and, as she says, she intends only to document things "
before it's completely destroyed by over-zealous developers doing crap things like turning churches into sales offices, and historical parks into shitey quagmires."

Her caption said: "A short walk from Coalhouse Fort on the banks of the Thames is this derelict radar control tower, built deliberately disguised as a water tower to fool the Luftwaffe hovering over the Thames. The lower level of the tower is accessible to visitors, but warning signs tell of the dangers of climbing to the upper level. The tower is now derelict, although once contained a barrack room and a control room. There is much debris here including abandoned jetties and the remains of an electric light battery."

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