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Friday 13 March 2009

Kimberly Clark tower at Northfleet

Industrial archaeologist Karl Hulka tells BWTAS he had the pleasure of going up this tower just before Christmas under the guise of photographing the adjacent site for one his professional historic building recording jobs.

It is the Kimberly Clark Water Tower in Northfleet, Kent.

The work he is doing on the cement factory next door suggests a construction date of the early to mid 1950s but one with a totally glazed case around the shaft in the UK hasn't come to our attention before. The enclosed space was originally used as offices and store rooms and a later electric lift has been inserted to give access to all but the top floor (7th) and tank. We look forward to learning more.


Pie Master said...

Located at TQ 62608 74430. There is even less info available on non-public supply towers.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I am a postgraduate masters of architecture student and I am focusing my thesis project on the potential redevelopment of the 'towers' of Northfleet.

I am interested if anyone has any form of plans (however they come) or a further idea on what goes on in terms of layout inside the tower.

Any help of discussion about the heritage would be fantastic - please email me at

Thank you!