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Wednesday 10 June 2009

Water tower for sale

Severn Trent Water is disposing of 420 properties over the next 18 months including a water tower next to Manor Cottage in Pebworth, Worcestershire at an auction on July 1 in London.

Selling agent Jason Birch from Kings Sturge Savills (Nottingham), expects the land to go for around £20,000 to £25,000.

He said: “It is big enough for a detached house to go on, but that depends on planning permission.”

BWTAS are waiting for more details and will put them here when we have them.


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Pie Master said...

Can any one locate this tower? It's marked as existing on Map #14 in Barry Barton's "Water Towers of Britain". However, I can not find it marked on any map or spot it from Google Earth or Microsoft Aerial views. Found Manor Cottage on the high ground to the West of St. Peter's church.

Nat Bocking said...

Pie Master,

As there is more than one Pebworth; could it be in another county? Worcestershire deduced from source story.