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Tuesday 10 November 2009

Liquid asset: couple to sell their water tower home.

From the Daily Mail, November 9, 2009

When a former hospital in magnificent Staffordshire parkland was being redeveloped, the builders were faced with what they regarded as a massive problem - what to do with something that looked like a folly and reached skyward like, well, a colossal sore thumb.

Perhaps they would have been pleased if the Victorian Gothic tower, which once supplied the hospital in the village of Cheddleton with its water, had simply disappeared. By accident that almost happened.
A demolition vehicle collided with a corner of the Grade II listed building, but fortunately the driver was stopped by a conservation officer who ordered immediate repairs.

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Pie Master said...

This water tower supplied St. Edward’s Hospital (Third Staffordshire County Asylum). Built in 1897 by Giles, Gough and Trollope, it is located to the North of the village of Cheddleton at SJ 97370 53562 (Google map and had a capacity of 36,000 gallons.