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Thursday 23 December 2010

Settle Station Water Tower (1876)

BWTAS members Mark & Pat Rand, have undertaken an exciting project with their recent purchase of the Water Tower at Settle Station, that they intend to restore and convert into a home for themselves. The grade II listed building was built by the Midland Railway in 1876, and is the only surviving water tower on the Settle-Carlisle line, that once had eight water towers. Interestingly, the tower has once before been a home, but for horses: In May 1939, with war threatening, they built four stables inside the tower - we know this because the masons and joiners obligingly left a note - found in a rusty tobacco tin, concealed in a wall behind a newly inserted beam, recording the names of the men who built them. What is exciting about this project is, that as well as converting the tower into a dwelling, Mark and Pat intend to restore it to ‘as built’ by the Midland Railway, with the original colours on each tank panel of (from the middle outwards) Denby Pottery cream, Venetian red and Brunswick green. To assist them, they have a microfiche of the original plans (courtesy of Network Rail) signed by Samuel Waite Johnson in 1874, who was the Midland Railway's locomotive superintendent when the line was opened and approved the tower plans - water towers were the responsibility of the locomotive department. The tower has survived largely intact and is in good condition, however Mark is keen to get in touch with anybody who has experience with this type of tower. A problem which he is currently concerned about, is insulation of the tank base. Presently the tower’s ‘roof’ is made of 1” thick cast iron - just about as prefect a thermal radiator as you could imagine. They plan to insulate it on the outside (i.e. on the floor of the tank) and are wary of condensation below the tank, should they get it wrong. If you can offer any advice regarding this project, please contact Mark at

Mark has set up a web site: to record the restoration and conversion of this water tower.

The tower is located at SD 818 635 and had a capacity of 43,000 gallons. Click on the photographs above and below for a larger image.

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Unknown said...

Hi! Just watched the restoration on Australian TV! Fantastic job well done,