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Tuesday 18 January 2011

Endeavour House: where a water tower is a symbol for Suffolk

If you have ever been to the lobby of Endeavour House, the headquarters of Suffolk County Council in Ipswich, you may have hardly noticed that several large icons of the Suffolk landscape are painted in outline on the walls of the lobby. There is a house, a pylon, a bridge and, behind the reception desk, there is one of a water tower.

Apparently this is a work that was commissioned from an artist when the council first moved into the building (which was originally built to house TXU Energy).

A key to the icons is painted on the reception desk which explains that number 8, the water tower, is the one at Barking Tye, near Ipswich. However the name of the artist is not recorded and no one seems to know any more who it was. Sir or Madam, we understand and appreciate your vision, whomever you are.

If anyone has a photo of the lobby, please get in touch. They were a bit touchy about me whipping out the camera to record it.

Barking Tye photo by By from Flickr (some rights reserved)

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