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Tuesday 26 April 2011

Atticus Flinch

The converted Water Tower in the Millfields Hospital development in Plymouth is for sale in the region of £400K. As the editor and a founder member, I am really honoured that this blog and BWTAS members were mentioned by "Atticus" himself, Roland White, in the Sunday Times profile of the property, even though it tried too hard to make BWTAS the butt of a tired joke; riffing that potential owners might be visited by hordes of water tower "anoraks".

Erstwhile hosts know that our members don't show up uninvited and actually tend to be the corduroy sort of academics, artists, photographers and civil engineers (if I recall the most active members) and that we really don't mind being depicted as "nerds" because, truth be told, that has served to publicise the society. I suppose we'd better stock up on more merchandise for those Sunday Times readers now.

We'd be honoured to be invited in by the owners of the Millfields tower for a picnic as  Mr White suggested. Though members are generally more curious about anything in original condition, some members are architects interested in the challenges of tower conversion. We have copious evidence that any sort of accessible tower attracts visitors so it's true a hazard of tower ownership can be public attention, though that is exactly what is valued by some owners. An added benefit of purchasing this tower should have been mentioned by the Sunday Times; that all owners of water towers get complimentary membership of BWTAS.

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