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Monday 30 January 2012

Garrett’s, Leiston, Suffolk (c. 1850)

This water tower, we are told, was built in the 1850's to provide water for the various chemical treatments involved in the steam boiler manufacturing process on the Garrett Works. The first evidence of the water tower is an engraving of the Garrett works, circa 1860. The engine house immediately to the North of the tower and depicted on the engraving along with its large chimney, was demolished in 1914. The Works’ Well located beneath the tower (some 487ft deep), also provided water for the town until 1910, when another well was sunk on the outskirts of town. Frank Garrett’s house in Aldringham was supplied with water from the works by cast iron pipes, although Leiston had no mains water supply until 1914. The water tower was restored between November 2001 and March 2002 and now forms part of the Long Shop Museum. As part of the restoration project, a second internal tank was removed.

The water tower was Grade II listed on 2nd August 1983 (IoE #401764). The water tower is located at TM 44407 62597.


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