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Friday 15 June 2012

Brooklyn sculpture is fantastic plastic water tower

image from Junk Culture

The BBC reports a Brooklyn-based artist Tom Fruin has used 1,000 pieces of transparent plastic scavenged from various parts of New York to create a sculpture of a water tower.

The artwork is open to the public and can be seen from the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and from parts of lower Manhattan.

It is illuminated by the sun during the day and by Ardunio-controlled light sequences designed by Ryan Holsopple at night. It opened on June 7th and will be in place for one year with a light show beginning at dusk and continuing to morning.

Tom Santorelli reports

Inside the sculptor's workshop:

We know it's a load of scrap but is it art? Of course it is.

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Gene said...

What an amazing picture

Hope to see more such pictures from your side

I wish could be the part of the this beautiful water tower