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Saturday 10 November 2012

Parish Pumps

With apologies to the publishers should they or their heirs still be trading, here is an article scanned from the 1965 East Anglian and Essex Annual about the terminal end of early community water systems, the parish pumps.  We follow this with a where are they now.

Where are they now?

Naturally there's a website dedicated to village pumps.

Drinking fountain Stansted, Essex still there.

Pump at Kings College, Cambridge - looking rather forlorn now having lost its cap.

Well at Ingham, Suffolk - not found.

Well head at Horham Hall, Essex - not found.

Pump at Wickham Market, Suffolk - the pump location in the photo below has been paved over for a car park and bus stop today.

Pump at Southwold, Suffolk - lovingly restored and maintained.

Pump at Woodbridge, Suffolk - still there.

Ladywell at Blythburgh - still there though often overgrown.

If you can locate images of any of the missing pumps and wells, please get in touch.

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