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Thursday 11 September 2008

BWTAS meeting report

BWTAS met at the Star, Wenhaston on Tuesday, 9th September. Attending was Nat Bocking, Wilson Harvey (chair), new member Clare Johnson, Brian Light, Andy Norris and Ferrers Young. 

The Treasurer reported that finances remain healthy with an excess of £6oo in the bank and £20 in dues held by Nat are to be deposited.

The General Secretary reported membership stands at 119 with three new members since the last meeting, recruited by the BWTAS blog.

Talk at NIAS: Nat will give a brief talk on the history of water towers and Ferrers will talk about Norwich water towers and more specifically, those that have been recently demolished. After the talk, BWTAS members will repair to the pub next door if there is any desire from the audience to continue discussions as the room time is limited.

Colchester Tour: Wilson Harvey reported that his letters to George Braithwaite, the owner of Jumbo, have gone unanswered. It was agreed that Brian Light would contact Brian Alderman and arrange a visit to the Atlas Works at Earls Colne followed by a guided tour of historic Colchester (or vice-versa) including a stop outside Jumbo. This was tentatively scheduled for September 27th or October 25th depending on availability of the Atlas Works.

Henham Steam Rally: although very successful at recruiting members and gleaning information, all of the ctte. had various schedule conflicts for the weekend of 20/21 September so it was decided to skip the presence of BWTAS at the show this year. It was noted that sometime in the darkness of winter, BWTAS would update the exhibition map, information panels and photos.

Art Show: It was proposed that BWTAS hold an art exhibition in 2009, as 2008 was a rest from the very successful ones held in 2006 and 2007. The proposal was thoroughly seconded by Clare Johnson, an artist herself. Several venues (commercially sensitive) were proposed and members have been assigned to make enquires on their availability. Members thought it would be appropriate to widen the exhibition remit to include other structures so that the exhibition might present artists' responses to the built environment, working title; 'water towers and friends'. There could also be a talks and workshops combined with the exhibition. Members agreed to put word out on the grapevine to artists showing interest since the last shows and prepare a press release for Green Pebble as soon as a date can be set.

Following business, Clare Johnson showed her images of water towers taken on a recent trip to the USA in Chicago, Detroit, Gary and Ann Arbour. Ferrers showed his most recent images and details of several new finds not in the Barton database including an archive image of the Hunstanton WT being demolished.

No date set for the next meeting but to be annouced as soon as visit to Atlas Works confirmed.

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