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Thursday 9 July 2009

BWTAS profiled in Current Archaeology

BWTAS is very grateful to Chris Catling news editor of Current Archaeology magazine for his page length profile of the society in issue 233 under 'Odd Socs'.

One of our committee is a regular reader of the UK's best selling archaeology magazine and so it was a pleasant surprise to see BWTAS profiled without any prior knowledge.

It's useful to see how we present ourselves reflected in the media and we appreciate the publicity this brings. We're proud to be placed in the company of the "least known and most dedicated" of societies.

This PR break comes after the recent regret that after their enquiry we had to inform Hat Trick, the producers of Have I Got News for You, that we didn't publish our newsletter on paper anymore for them to feature in their television programme.

The respective issue won't be available online for several months. To get your copy please ask your newsagent or go to

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