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Friday 10 July 2009

Towers of East Anglia Art Exhibition

The Landguard Fort and warm evening sunshine welcomed over sixty people to a private view of the BWTAS sponsored exhibition; Towers of East Anglia.

BWTAS Chairman Wil Harvey (far left) gave our thanks to David Morgan (second from left) and the Landguard Fort Trust for their assistance with the show.

Wil welcomed our distinguished guests; Felixstowe's Mayor Councillor Angela Goodwin and her husband Councillor John Goodwin.

Left: Pastels and photographs of New York City water towers by guest artist Dorothy Koppellman, who has studied water towers in her native USA for nearly 30 years.

Towers, with their visual impact, always inspire feelings of awe and curiosity.

The exhibition shows over 90 works by twenty artists with a common interest in depicting architecture.

Artists exhibiting include Clare Johnson, Mark Beesley, Joan Sandford-Cook, Sandra Rowney, John Barham, Charles Nightingale, Alan Wright, Dorin Elvin, Elle Thompson, Kate Coleman, Michael Norman, Liz Klotz and others.

Most of the works are available for purchase.

Right: An installation by Alfie Sheppard, a recent graduate of Norwich University College of the Arts.

Alfie has lately secured a six month internship with an American sculpture studio.

A wide range of BWTAS merchandise is for sale.

A full catalogue will appear online in due course. Meantime, the exhibition runs until Sunday July 19, 2009.

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Ed said...

I went along to the exhibition today and greatly enjoyed it -- fantastic setting in the fort. Especially liked the works by Clare Johnson and John Barham. Is this / could this be an annual event?

Nat Bocking said...

Thank you for your praise. So long as interest from artists and audiences and support from organisations like the Landguard Trust is available then there is no reason why it could not be repeated if members express a wish to do so. Like the sign in the shop says: if you don't like something, tell us. If you do like something, tell your friends!