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Friday 18 May 2012

Túir uisce na hÉireann*

Water Towers of Ireland has been around since June 2010. Its curator/artist Jamie Young has regularly corresponded with BWTAS and says his purpose is to "draw people closer to these objects which seem to permanently sit on the horizon". His project is "part inventory, part photographic essay and part history..."

Jamie found water towers "could indicate a timeline in the history of the country - from the oldest water towers of railway stations, through the progression of concrete construction, and on to the need for larger reservoirs in recent times, when communities have simply outgrown their elevated supply..." 

He finds that "once these images are placed in front of an audience they themselves start to notice and value the water towers they encounter..."

BWTAS totally and utterly concurs. Like us, Jamie is looking for funds to publish his research. If there's a publisher - such as Taschen - who wished to combine the water towers of the UK and Ireland into one book, I am sure BWTAS contributors would be more than willing to oblige.

*apologies if the Gaelic is wrong, can you supply better?

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