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Wednesday 3 September 2014

Walton Head, Pannal, North Yorkshire (late 1940’s)

© Photograph Copyright Carol and Maj Nadry

This must be one of the last brick, public water supply towers built, as reinforced concrete was being extensively used for water towers at this time. The water tower was built by Harrogate Corporation Waterworks Department to serve the village of Kirkby Overblow. We don't have an exact build date, but know that Harrogate council purchased the land for the water tower in 1946. Some of the internal pipework has “STAVELEY 1949” in relief, and anecdotal evidence suggests the build date as being late 1940's. The brick tower supports a sectional cast iron tank of 37,500 gallons. The tower went out of service and fell into the shabby state above… Eventually Yorkshire Water, who became the owners of the tower, obtained planning permission for conversion to a dwelling, in 2010 and put the tower up for sale. The tower has been purchased by BWTAS members Carol and Maj Nadry who have restored and sympathetically transformed this tower into a good looking dwelling, retaining an industrial look.

© Photograph Copyright Carol and Maj Nadry

We are most grateful to be supplied with these photographs, as the tower is completely surrounded by trees. It is located at O.S. Grid Ref. SE 31393 50880. The tower's conversion should feature on Channel 4's "Restoration Man" at some time in the future.

Unfortunately, the story doesn't end there… The planning permission that Yorkshire Water obtained, showed the tank removed in the plans, although this was not a specific condition (they had assumed the tank was not saveable). By installing 20 tons of steel reinforcements and spending a lot of money, the tank was saved! They now find that they have to retrospectively apply for planning permission to retain the tank. Unfortunately their neighbours, 120 yards away on the other side of the trees, want the tank removed. Comments on this planning application can be made by the public here.

BWTAS acknowledges Nicholas De Taranto from Tiger Aspect, for some of the information in this post.


Update 17/10/2014: I am pleased to report that unconditional approval to retain the tank, has been granted.


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Congratulations to Maj and Carol
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Theres loads more history of the borehole on the BGS borehole database.