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Saturday 24 January 2009

Another concrete water tower for sale

You wait for one to come on the market and then suddenly there's two of them...

This reinforced concrete water tower in Norhamptonshire is on the market for £100,000

A rather plain and common type with not much room on the ground floor and it will need an inventive architect to work out window placement without making it look uglier than it is now.

Report in the Northants Evening Telegraph:

Turn this into your dream home for £100,000

Published Date: 14 January 2009
Who would live in a water tower like this? You could if you have £100,000 to spare.
The tower used to contain several thousand gallons of water but is now set to be someone's des res.

The disused structure in Great Doddington is up for sale at a recommended price of £100,000, along with planning permission to convert it into a residential property.

Although it is one of the more unusual properties that estate agent King West of Northampton has dealt with, they say they have already received interest from several potential buyers.

Andrew Kilburn of King West said: "It is not often you see something like this on the market.

"It is going to be a very contemporary property – very individual."

Standing in Cut Throat Lane just outside the village, the building would make an unusual property for a buyer who is prepared to put the work into converting it into a home.

Although the concrete tower looks grey and faceless, the estate agent believes that with windows put in and a roof extension added it could become a trendy 21st century home.

Mr Kilburn said: "You can imagine an artist or someone like that living there. The top floor will be so light and airy.

"It is not going to suit your run-of-the- mill buyer. It is will suit somebody looking for something very individual and a little bit quirky."

Architectural plans show the building could be converted into a four-floor home with an entrance hall, shower and bedroom on the ground floor, a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor, kitchen and dining room on the second floor, and a living room, with an impressive view, on the fourth floor.

Wellingborough Council approved planning permission for conversion of the tower to a single dwelling in September.

Water tower conversions are not unknown, with one red brick example already in existence in Finedon.
  • Last Updated: 14 January 2009 8:13 AM
  • Source: Northants Evening Telegraph
  • Location: Kettering

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Pie Master said...

Ugly is a rather strong word, Nat; less beautiful than some, I'd Say. Great Doddington is a former Anglian Water, water tower located to the North of the A45, away from the town to the South, on Cut Throat Lane at SP 86901 64929. I don't have any more info on this tower... The external access to the roof is interesting given there is a service shaft and one would have expected access to have been trough the tank.

I presume this tower became redundant when the larger, nearby, Earls Barton tower was built in about 1972. Tank access to this tower is intresting too, rather than having a central service shaft, it has a ring of large supporting legs, one incorporating the access shaft. Eearls Barton is located at SP 86155 64328 and a photograph can be found at