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Saturday 31 January 2009

Westgate Water Tower, Lincoln

There is a very detailed entry on Wikipedia about Lincoln's superb Westgate Water Tower built after a tragic typhoid outbreak between November 1904 and April 1905 when 1006 people in Lincoln contracted typhoid and 113 died.
Due to its design, the Westgate has a rather unusual cleaning method. A cleaning team is lowered into the tower in a dinghy and cleans the tank from top to bottom.

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Unknown said...

I work for the water company and often visit this tower and it is one of the most impressive water towers in Lincolnshire. Inside is just as impressive and has 3 main's into the building and up to the tank one incomer one to uphill Lincoln and the other feeds the high street. It is not filled from Elkersly no more though them bore holes are still operational and feed newton WTW. The tower itself is feed from Welton a near by village around 8 miles north of Lincoln.