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Wednesday 28 January 2009

Redgate Tower, Hunstanton, Norfolk (1912)

Since water tower conversions seem to be the order of the day, I thought I’d start, with what I hope to be the first of a “fortnightly Ferrers fact” with this tower that has been converted into four luxury flats. Hunstanton Urban District Council, built the Edwardian water tower in 1912 at the south of the town on Redgate Hill, to supply the nearby village of Heacham, where 5 miles of mains were laid. This 50,000-gallon tower is also known as Heacham tower and it’s location provided a top water level of 160 feet. The tower was converted into flats in 1984 and today, a one-bedroom flat changes hands for around £250,000. The tower, grade II listed on 20th September 1984, can be found at O.S. Grid Ref TF 67760 39954.

Hunstanton itself was supplied by a very interesting water tower situated at the water works on the corner of Lincoln Street and Cromer Road. Unfortunately we have no photographs of this Victorian tower that was demolished in the 1970’s. If anyone can help in this respect, please contact us.


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The web-site has photos that show the Hunstanton water tower. The photos are at:

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There are 3 photos of the Hunstanton water tower at: