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Friday 13 February 2009

Art Exhibition – Call for Entries

Towers of East Anglia

A small group of ‘industrial’ artists (including some members of BWTAS) are holding an exhibition at Landguard Fort, Felixstowe, July 10th – 19th 2009, and are looking for participation from artists with a similar interest.

The exhibition theme is ‘Towers of East Anglia’, defined as man-made structures where height is a requirement for their function. This would include, for example, water towers, look-out towers, Martello towers, lighthouses, silos, communication towers etc.

The last two BWTAS sponsored exhibitions attracted considerable numbers, wide publicity and enjoyed bouyant sales so we hope local artists of every kind will want to participate in this ambitious project exploring the aesthetic influence of man made structures.

The Landguard Fort is a unique venue and has held many successful exhibitions and it offers a good deal to interest visitors besides great art.

For more information call

Wil Harvey 01502 478248 (, or
Andy Norris 01502 478634 ( or
Clare Johnson 01502 580 199/07986 653 791 (

(note: because of spammers, you must replace the _AT_ with @ in the email addresses)

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