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Friday 6 February 2009

Two Vintage Views of American Towers

Given the lack of a tank and the height, this structure is more likely a standpipe to balance water pressure rather than an elevated tank.

It is located in St Louis, Missouri, and was built in 1870-2. It is 154 feet high and reputed to be the largest Corinthian column in the world. The neighborhood around this tower is known as the Water Tower District. The tower is not in use. The steel stand pipe was removed from the structure several years ago and sold as scrap iron and the tower was repaired and painted. The shaft of the tower is constructed of brick and the cap is made of cast iron.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Milwaukee's 175-foot Victorian Gothic water tower has overlooked Lake Michigan since 1874. The tower was constructed of Wauwatosa limestone and sits at the east end of North Avenue.

Both images from Vintage views but available elsewhere.

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