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Friday 6 February 2009

Wallingford research request

BWTAS has had a snail-mail enquiry from Gordon Allan, a retired teacher in Monmouthshire, who is undertaking a project to recreate in 1:76 scale (oo gauge) Wallingford Station circa 1938 and would like as accurately as possible to depict the 1912 water tower that stood nearby. This tower has since been replaced by a circular concrete one. Gordon asks "any help would be welcome to enable me, with my meagre talents, to do justice to a fine building."

He wonders if anyone could give him an estimate of the height of the tank and the width and depth of the building and any other details. Please post them in the comments below where he will be looking for them. Anyone wanting to contact him directly, please get in touch with us.

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darren said...

As I am a GWR modeller I have been looking into this quaint bygone Station at Wallingford with interest for some time & in 2008 visited the site as part of a study trip.I dont have a lot of info on the tower but am familular with this type of local & GWR architecture.I do have a few photos of the surrounding remains & area Gordan or other modellers are welcome to get in touch ..Darren